Baker Tilly A&C is home to elite who are talented but disciplined, patriotic but spirited working for beautiful purposes.

Every member of Baker Tily A&C family always actively and constantly keeps learning and striving for their perfection, taking our corporate culture and 6 core values as the guideline for their behaviours.

With the high discipline priority, Baker Tilly A&C culture, first and foremost, focuses on  the professionalism expressed in three core values "DEVOTION - QUALITY - EFFICIENCY". High-speed, efficient and disciplined working culture has instilled into all staff, creating the synergy that drives Baker Tilly A&C’s outstanding growth in all areas we opperate.

At Baker Tilly A&C, each and every of our members takes our workplace as another home, where we spend most of our daily time. It is always our honor to be a member of Baker Tilly A&C Family, despite in any role or position.