“Happy Full Moon 2016” – Glowing Mid-Autumn in Ba Tri District, Ben Tre Province



Whenever Mid-Autumn sets in, children all over the S-shaped strip of land eagerly anticipate their own festival. What’s more fun than they can enjoy these days by parading lanterns, eating traditional Mid-Autumn specialties and watching lion dance performance with their peers? However, for the poor children who have too little food to eat and even not enough clothing to wear, how could they be filled with joy in Mid-Autumn Festival? For that reason, the community’s concern and meaningful gifts will partly motivate and encourage these children to constantly strive their best in studying as well as their life.


As annually scheduled, A&C’s Management together with employees pulsates to prepare a joyful, meaningful and full-of-laughter program for indigent children in remote areas. In the current year, the Executive Board of Trade Union and the Youth Union, especially coordinating with the National Fund for Vietnamese Children in Ben Tre Province, have given indigent but studious children in Ba Tri District, Ben Tre Province a Mid-Autumn Festival.


As usually, Mid-Autumn program of this year has been planned for almost one month in advance. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the Management and the youthful enthusiasm of the Company’s employees, the preparation has been carefully done, prospecting another accomplished Mid-Autumn festival. In the early dawn of 10 September 2016, almost 60 volunteers, including leaders and employees, were early present at the Company’s office and immersed in the excited atmosphere.


The volunteers with tremendous impetus before the departure time


Before arriving at the Culture House in Ba Tri District to run the program, the whole crew had halted at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Temple to incense, visit his grave and listen the biography of Nguyen Dinh Chieu, a well-known writer during the resistance to French colonialism.



It was drizzling at that time in Ba Tri, Ben Tre, which did not favor our program. However, this situation not only caused no effect on the program, but also aroused enthusiasm and determination of all people.  



The volunteers were packing gifts for children


All gifts were ready to be handed over to children


Nearly one hour before the program took place, all little kids had reached the hall despite the rain outside, which stirred the atmosphere of the upcoming program.  

The children and their parents crowdedly gathered before the program commencement


Leaving behind anxiety, chaos of life and working pressure, all seemed rejuvenated when witnessing the kids’ smile and happiness. Tiredness and obstacles during the program execution were also all relieved.


Smashing saving pigs while blindfolded


Drawing and painting game





Skillful game


Balloon kicking game


At 2.30pm, art performance “Happy Full Moon” took place in the welcome and enthusiastic encouragement of all children and their parents, especially the participation of the Chairman of Ben Tre Province along with leaders. Additionally, the program was expected to be more original and professional thanks to the coordination of the Social Protection Fund of Ben Tre Province.




More than 700 kids took part in the art performance


All art performances in the program were planned, practiced and staged as professionally as possible by the Company’s staffs, which brought the joyful moments to all kids attending in the Mid-Autumn Festival of this year.


Cuoi and Chang’e were telling Mid-Autumn stories to children


 “Bong bong bang bang” performance


In the program, Mr. Bui Van Kha – Deputy General Director cum Chairman of Trade Union together with the Chairman of Ben Tre Province donated 12 bicycles to 12 children suffering from especially difficult circumstance, but keeping spirit up in studying.


Mr. Bui Van Kha – Chairman of Trade Union and local leaders rewarded 12 scholarships in form of bicycles for kids





More than 700 presents were also given to poor children in Ba Tri District, Ben Tre Province in the program. In spite of the small material value, these gifts somewhat brought a merry and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival to the children.


Presents were given to kids


Cheerful children with gifts in hands  




Once again, a Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, but “Happy Full Moon” program run by A&C Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd. has brought great joy to indigent children in Ba Tri District, Ben Tre Province. Despite having lots of difficulties during the preparation and organization, the program was still successfully executed as well as created a lot of unforgettable memories in the hearts of the children here. Moreover, bringing happiness, laughter and encouragement to indigent children will be always the remarkable experience of the Company’s members.

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