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Looking back 2023 internship at Baker Tilly A&C


In the morning of 17 April 2023, at the head office of Baker Tilly A&C,  a meeting with interns was held with the attendance of Mr. Vo Hung Tien - General Director, Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung - Deputy General Director, Mr. Nguyen Minh Tri - Deputy General Director, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - Deputy General Director, Ms. Tran Pham Mai Anh – Admin and HR Director and the Directors and Managers from Financial Statement Auditing Department and Training and Consultancy Department and especially the presence of 47 students who have just finished their internships at A&C.

The meeting to look back 2023 internship at the head office

In a friendly and open atmosphere of the meeting, A&C's leaders draw up what and how the internship have been. This was also the chance for the interns to expressed how they think and what they obtained from their internships at Baker Tilly A&C. At this meeting, the interns also got the open feedbacks from the Company’s management on their performance during their internships, what they did well and what they need to improve as well as sincere thanks from the leaders for their effective contributions to Baker Tilly A&C over their three-month internship.

The meeting was more meaningful with sincere thoughts and sharing on what’s up and how well prepare for the career paths to become an auditor. Both leaders and intern students were in open discussions about the stories of doing audit, professional experience and concerns over pursuing audit job in the current context.

A representative of interns presenting flowers to A&C's leadership

On this occasion, the interns also expressed their sincere thanks to the Company’s leadership for offering them with favorable conditions to have a hand-on experience and understand the meaning of doing the audit job. Thereby, they will have insights of audit profession to make the right career choices.

The interns assessed with good performance in the internship would receive invitations for interviews. Wish you all good health and success in your career paths. Hope to see you again in the role of colleagues at Baker Tilly A&C where you will continue to write your own interesting career stories.