Baker Tilly A&C is happy to welcome Interns

On 18 December 2023, Baker Tilly A&C is pleased to welcome 84 interns at our offices across the country. The number of interns at the Head Office is 38 while Hanoi Branch welcomes 29 interns. Nha Trang Branch and Can Tho Branch have 7 and 10 interns respectively. This is a great opportunity for senior students to have practical experiences on audit works, use and develop their knowledge and skills as well as gain necessary experiences before getting a job after graduation.

Interns at Head Office of Baker Tilly A&C

They will have 3-month internship, from mid-December 2023 to the end of March 2024. Before joining as an audit team member at office where they registered for their internship, interns have 2-week training. This training program will help students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to do audit works that can be assigned to them at Baker Tilly A&C. Accordingly, they will learn about the audit procedures, instructions on how to use IT tools for processing data, get introductions on audit program and instructions on presenting working papers for items. They will also have the opportunity to get to know what should be noted as interns, discuss, get their questions answered and take a training-ended test.

The internship at Baker Tilly A&C is expected to bring interns a professional, friendly working and learning environment and useful and interesting practical experiences. Wishing your upcoming journey will be successful and always filled with joy!

Interns at Ha Noi Branch

Interns at Nha Trang Branch

Interns at Can Tho Branch