A&C conquers “the top of Indochina” Fansipan

A&C conquers “the top of Indochina” Fansipan
With the confidence and desire to conquer all challenges of youth and the approval of the management of A&C’s Ha Noi Branch, the Youth Union of A&C’s Ha Noi Branch held a trip to conquer Fansipan mountain top on 27 and 28 October 2012 with the participation of 10 Youth Unionists (including 4 female Youth Unionist).
After 2 days of hardship and sweat, overcoming sloping roads in rainy and windy weather under the temperature of about 10oC, sharing small gulps of water, raincoat, dry socks, … we finally set our foot on the height of 3.143m of Fansipan top. We are so proud of being the first A&C’s members to set foot on “the top of Indochina” with the message “A&C - Uniting to conquer the top”.
All difficulties and danger never impede A&C’s youth progress. Whenever and wherever difficulties are, there are always our foot - A&C’s youth.