A&C going to “VACPA FOOTBAL CUP - 2022” for the Southern Region

VACPA Football Cup is the annually held tournament to encourage sport spirit of members, auditors and enhance the unity, friendship and cooperation among audit firms.

After two years pending due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, the tournament was resumed in the current year. As a tradition, A&C advanced to the tournament with both men’s and women’s football teams. Especially, the men’s football team of A&C won the VACPA FOOTBAL CUP last year.

The participating football teams at “VACPA Football Cup - 2022”

After the competition of 11 men’s football teams and 04 women’s football teams over nearly one month from 16 October 2022 to 06 November 2022 inclusively, A&C’s women football team was excellent to be the runner-up of “VACPA Football Cup - 2022” – Southern Region. Additionally, A&C’s player Pham Thi Hue is the top goalscorer of the tournament.

Men’s and women’s football teams of A&C at “VACPA Football Cup - 2022”

The year 2022 was not a happy year to A&C’s men football team when they ended the tournament at the quarterfinal stage. Nevertheless, the players gave their best with the spirit of solidarity, friendship and relentless effort.

A&C’s women team finished as runner-up of “VACPA Football Cup - 2022”

Player Pham Thi Hue of A&C is the top goalscorer of the tournament

Mr. Vo Hung Tien – A&C’s CEO awarded a bunch of flowers and reward to the women’s football team

The Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA) plays a key role in successfully holding the “VACPA Football Cup - 2022”.

The big thankyou should be sent to A&C’s men and women for their performance in A&C’s spirit of enthusiasm, fairness, integrity during the tournament. Goodbye “VACPA Football Cup - 2022”. See you all at “VACPA Football Cup - 2023”.