A&C held a cooking contest called “A&C Can Cook” to celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day – October 20

Vietnamese Women’s Day, annually October 20 is always one of the most special celebrations at A&C. On this day, A&C Family members were all so eager to enjoy entertaining and thrilling art self-performance, sports, game shows, and other exciting activities, which jointly held bythe Trade Union and the Youth Union of A&C Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd. This year, due to Covid-19 impact and social distancing requirements, we have to change the way to celebrate this special day, but its excitement is not less.

Challenges cannot stop us from celebration of Woman’s day. This year, A&C has successfully organized an online cooking contest called “A&C CAN COOK”, where A&C’s members prepared dishes for their families and loved ones Each team made a video clips to show their message, preparation and cooking recipes and secrets to make a “perfect dishes”. These clips are posed on A&C’s fanpage and have drawn thousands of likes, shares and comments.

Despite the first year of running the online contest, “A&C Can Cook” has been so exciting with  the participation of the teams across  the Company, from Ho Chi Minh Head Office to Hanoi, Nha Trang and Can Tho Branches. The following impressive statistics partly indicated the success of the contest:

  • 10 cooking clips from Divisions and Departments of Ho Chi Minh Head Office, Hanoi Branch, Nha Trang Branch, Can Tho Branch, and 02 network firms, Dong Khoi Company and V.A&C Co., Ltd.;
  • 39.657 reactions (like/share/comment);
  • And the enthusiastic response of more than 500 members of A&C

After a week of exciting preparation, the thrilling competition finished with a lot of fun and love. The winners of “A&C CAN COOK” called the names of the followings:

  • The first winner was Nha Trang Branch (code 06) – Chicken Dishes.
  • The second winner was Can Tho Branch (code 01) – Fermented Fish Hotpot.
  • The third winner was Hanoi Branch (code 02) – Carrot and Mushroom Stuffed Tofu.
  • Consolation prizes were awarded to:
    • Consulting and Training Department (code 03) - Seafood Pasta
    • Construction Audit Department (code 04) – Honey Fried Chicken
    • HR + Accounting + Secretariat-Translation Departments (code 05) – Freshwater Crab Hotpot
    • Nha Trang Branch (code 07) - Royal Phoenix Rolls
    • Financial Statements Audit Department (code 08) – Spring Rolls
    • Financial Statements Audit Department (code 09) – Chicken Rice + Sour Soup with River Leaves + Carrot Onion Salad
    • Dong Khoi Company and V.A&C Co., Ltd. (code 10) - Sea bass with Passion Fruit Sauce
  • Lucky Drawing Award to Audience:
    • Ms. Dang Thi Hong Son – Nha Trang Branch
    • Mr. Nguyen Van Mao – Nha Trang Branch
    • Mr. Le Phuc – a friend of Huynh Hoang Thu - Nha Trang Branch

The dish was awarded the first prize of A&C CAN COOK: Chicken Dishes.

The dish was awarded the second prize of A&C CAN COOK: Fermented Fish Hotpot.

The dish was awarded the third prize of A&C CAN COOK: Carrot and Mushroom Stuffed Tofu.

 “A&C CAN COOK” is a meaningful spiritual gift for women on October 20. It is also an interesting occasion for the contestants to improve their cooking skills, learn more delicious dishes, and above all, enhance the solidarity and love of A&C’s members nationwide.

Let’s see again the clips of “A&C Can Cook” by clicking the links below.

Summary of A&C CAN COOK

First Prize - Chicken Dishes

Second Prize - Fermented Fish Hotpot

Third Prize - Carrot and Mushroom Stuffed Tofu

Consolation Prize - Seafood Pasta

Consolation Prize - Honey Fried Chicken

Consolation Prize - Freshwater Crab Hotpot

Consolation Prize - Royal Phoenix Rolls

Consolation Prize - Spring Rolls

Consolation Prize - Chicken Rice + Sour Soup with River Leaves + Carrot Onion Salad

Consolation Prize - Sea bass with Passion Fruit Sauce

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