"Mid-Autumn Festival" volunteer program for nearly 500 underprivileged children

On 23 September and 24 September, the Youth Union and the Trade Union of Baker Tilly A&C organized the "Mid-Autumn Festival" program for nearly 500 underprivileged children at villages 9, 6A and 6B, Quang Tan Commune, Tuy Duc District, Dak Nong Province. In this program, the volunteer group gave 450 gift packages including candies, milk, mooncakes and lanterns to children as well as 40 additional gift packages of necessities and VND 500.000 each package to most underprivileged households here.

"Mid-Autumn Festival " program organized by Baker Tilly A&C in Quang Tan Commune, Tuy Duc District, Dak Nong Province

In addition to practical and meaningful gifts, the program also brought joy to all people and children who were present at Cultural House of Village 9 with a lion dance performance and a “VND 0” market. The items at the market were donated by Baker Tilly A&C’s staff, including clothes, backpacks, teddy bears, shoes, etc. Everyone at this market here excitedly and eagerly chose, tried out and brought home many cute and convenient items and gifts for themselves and their families.

Many people and children participating in the program

The clothe stall at the “VND 0” market attracting a lot of people

During over 30 years of operation, social and community activities have become the core culture of Baker Tilly A&C. Besides other corporate and social responsibility activities, organizing the Mid-Autumn Festival program for underprivileged children has become our annual tradition for many years. To ensure this program successful, during two weeks ahead of the program, the Company's volunteers spent time surveying locations in advance, making action plan, buying gifts and personally packing, calling for donations, etc. Each gift was packed with the love and enthusiasm of each member of Baker Tilly A&C and with the hope of bringing warm and meaningful moments to children and people in remote areas on a full moon day.​

Baker Tilly A&C's volunteers

In the future, Baker Tilly A&C will continue to organize and participate in more volunteer activities to contribute to the sustainable development of the community and society.