21st century businessmen

On the occasion of Vietnam Businessmen’s Day (13 October), Business and Integration Magazine, Vietnamese Businessmen Club has organized the National Businessmen Conference of 2012.
This conference was the meeting of the Party’s and the State’s leadership, the representatives of ministries, departments, the economic experts, the businessmen, businesses and mass media in order to praise for the economic, cultural and social achievements through many years of Vietnam, to assess the advantages and difficulties in building and developing the business strategy for the period 2012-2015.
This conference was also the occasion to praise and to be grateful to businessmen for their social contribution to the stable development of the country. The conference has introduced typical businessmen and businesses, prestigious trademarks in the market.
Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd. (A&C) has joined the conference and had the honour of receiving the medal of good-quality product - prestigious trademark of 2012 and General Director Vo Hung Tien has been awarded the medal of 21st businessmen.