Blood donation day 2012

Responding to the Blood donation day 2012 at Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd. (A&C), 76 employees of A&C, Dong Khoi Accounting and Consulting Co., Ltd., Viet Valuation and Consulting Co., Ltd. (V.A&C), Viet Thuan Thanh and Vietnam Development Bank - Transaction Office II have taken part in this blood donation activity.
Everybody donated blood in a happy atmosphere because they have contributed precious drops of blood to save many lives - a very meaningful act, and have been proud of themselves upon the receipt of the blood donation certificate.
After being received, all of the blood units have been conducted all the tests. Blood of good quality, safety will be timely used in treating and giving first aid to patients. Also, an amount of VND 2.530.000 has been collected for “The poor’s fund” from the donators.
Many thanks to the following entities: Viet Thuan Thanh Company and Vietnam Development Bank - Transaction Office II for taking part in the Blood donation day with A&C.

Hoping that this blood donation activity will be promoted further in the following years.