A&C Festival and 30th Anniversary – We are here and now, for tomorrow

Commencing its operation since 1992 and known as the Branch of Vietnam Auditing Company Limited (VACO) in Ho Chi Minh City, A&C Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd. was officially established under the Decision No. 107C/TCCB dated 13 February 1995 of the Minister of Finance. Up to now, A&C has successfully developed its nationwide network with its head office located in Ho Chi Minh City and its branches located in major economic centers of Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Nha Trang and Can Tho, and with more than 500 professional staff.

On the journey of 30 years of growth and development with core values placed on Dedication - Quality - Efficiency, A&C has been affirming its brand reputation in domestic and international markets and known as one of Vietnam's leading audit and advisory firms.

To celebrate a memorable milestone in the 30-year journey that painted with love and solidarity of generations of A&C Family members, the Company's leaders organized A&C Festival and 30th Anniversary at the beautiful Ninh Chu Beach of Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province with the theme "We are here and now, for tomorrow". This A&C Family Festival welcomed the enthusiasm attendance of nearly 500 employees and their family members.

The program took place from 01 July to 04 July 2022 with various teambuilding activities that help to enhance the solidarity and teamwork. The solidarity was shown throughout the trip, in each activity. We are the one to win the challenges of team-building games. Together, we explore and enjoy local famous landscapes. The solidarity is also the message that the leaders of the Company want to spread through many meaningful activities during this trip and to create a happy and bonding working environment where we are together now for tomorrow.

Let's have a look at some snapshots taken at the 30th Anniversary of A&C Auditing and Consulting Co., Ltd.!

A&C Family

Welcome Party - Where Love Begins: Acoustic music program and performance among A&C members with the theme "Acoustic version - Sing with the Stars 2022".

Music performance night among A&C members

A&C’s 2022 Marathon - "We are here and now, for tomorrow" with the spirit of overcoming all challenges and wining yourself, not giving up for the ultimate goal.

Contestants in 2022 A&C Marathon

A&C Family in A&C’s 2022 Marathon

Team-building Game “F1 Formula Racing”: a special experience designed just for A&C in the format of F1 Formula Racing of the world.

A&C Family in Team-building Game - "F1 Formula Racing"

Mini Pool Party - “A&C Night – Make your Moves”: held at Long Thuan Beach for A&C members.

A&C Family “play hard” at Mini Pool Party Night Show

And finally, Gala Dinner - "A&C Festival and 30th Anniversary” was the change for all A&C Family members to be together, to look back the past and look forward the future.  We are here and now for tomorrow. The party was also the opportunity to send gratitude to the great contributions and dedications of many A&C members through its development history.

A&C’s leaders toasting the opening of 2022 A&C Gala Dinner

A&C’s leaders at the Gala Dinner

“Beautiful flowers” of A&C Family

Mr. Ly Quoc Trung – Deputy General Director and members of Financial Statement Auditing Division

A&C band performing at the Gala Dinner

with nearly 500 passionate fans

A&C Family at the Gala Dinner

A&C Festival and 30th Anniversary with various amazing and meaningful series of activities have completed but it left memorable moments and good impressions for all members. This was also the chance for A&C Family to look back its proud history and look forward the bright future, celebrate its successes and place the trust at the path we choose. Together, we bring A&C to a higher level go further for the future.