Baker Tilly A&C, Hanoi Branch continued its social project

In early December 2023, Hanoi Branch - Baker Tilly A&C completed the charity program "Warm clothes for children" at Sung Do Primary and Secondary School, Sung Do Commune, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province. This program granted 659 new winter coats, funded by the one-day salary contribution of all branch staff, to the students at this school.

The volunteer team of Hanoi Branch - Baker Tilly A&C joining the program "Warm clothes for children"

Going through a long road with many passes and steep turns at high mountains, the volunteer team then finally arrived at Sung Do Commune, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province - a remote commune with 100% Mong residents. The difficult lives of ethnic people here seems add more challenges to the long and challenging roads to school of children here.

The gift of warm clothes from Hanoi Branch has been handed to children in Sung Do Commune, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province.

The volunteer trip was attended by representatives of the Board of Directors, the Trade Union Executive Committee and the Youth Union of Hanoi Branch. All 659 new winter coats were directly given to each child by the volunteer team members. Mr. Nguyen Van Sam, Representative of the Hanoi Branch Trade Union said: "Volunteer activities are always one of our company's social projects. This year, we organized the program "Warm clothes for children" with the hope that we can contribute an effort to share with the children here, helping them have a warmer winter."

Take pictures with the children in front of the classroom

At the end of the charity trip, the volunteer team of Baker Tilly A&C - Hanoi Branch said goodbye to all the teachers and children here. Baker Tilly A&C hopes that there will be more opportunities to do such meaningful programs for the disadvantaged children because we know that giving love is forever!